You Are Your Own Best Friend

Your body is like a space ship. Your flight is the life you live in this world. Just like a real Spaceship you have to make sure all the parts work. You have to keep up the maintenance on your Spaceship body. If you don’t keep your Spaceship body maintained it will fall apart before you have finished your trip. Your mind, body and spirit are the body parts you need to maintain. Your mind needs practice to stay fit, just like a sports athlete. It needs good workouts too. The best three ways to work out your mind is to read, meditate and pray.

Your physical body needs to be maintained as well. You need to regularly exercise your body or it will fall apart. Doing some type of physical exercise on a regular basis will do wonders for maintaining your spaceship body.

You can’t put bad fuel in a space ship and expect it to fly. Don’t put bad fuel into your body. Bad fuel is anything that can harm your body especially drugs and alcohol. Foods that are not good for you are the same as bad fuel. You won’t be able to travel far if your body breaks down because of bad food choices. You also shouldn’t put bad fuel in your mind by watching bad things on TV or the movies. So don’t put anything in your body or mind that will not build it up. This includes the thoughts you have about yourself. If you put yourself down you have become your own worst enemy. Never put yourself down or say bad things about yourself. Bad thoughts are the same as bad fuel for your mind.

The fuel that keeps your mind and body going is your spirit. The power of prayer and meditation has been show to increase every good thing in a person’s life. Remember to pray or meditate to start your day off right. So take care of your space ship body because no one else will. Remember you are your own best friend.