Several years ago, I saw a TV documentary about a woman who, against the odds, overcame childhood abuse to finish college and graduate with honors. In the interview, she said during her years of abuse, no one had ever told her she was important.

I thought about myself and realized that in my job as a teacher, there are many young fragile minds going through mental and physical abuse as well. There may be many students of mine who go through life, never having been told they were important. I then decided I was going to make a difference in their lives by letting them know they are important.

The website, and the images you see here, were created to let everyone know that in spite of what others may say, in spite of what the world may say about you, find that inner strength, lift up your chin and say, “I AM IMPORTANT.”

If you have a family member, friend, coworker, or employee who may be having a hard day, send them an uplifting message, let them know THEY ARE IMPORTANT. THEY MATTER!

My goal is for this site and the images here to spread around the world, giving anyone who looks at them a little lift in their spirits when they might be down. So please make the world a better place by letting someone else know they are important.

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